About Us

About Us

Assalamu Alaikum

Al-Huda educational and welfare center, Deoria, U.P, is an institution founded for the propagation of Islamic theology and  for the education and welfare of people.

Deoria is a city where Muslims followed the ways of ignorance. The people were not even able to read the Quran properly, and understanding its meanings was a dream. This was the reason why they used to prostrate the graves. Polytheism and hypocrisy were common among the people. They used to do this because they believed that worshiping graves would benefit them. Moreover they considered and believed in statues and believed them to be their sustainer and benefactor. Another factor which made them do so, is the fact, that this area lies amongst the disbelievers with about no school around. The nearest Islamic center was about 100 km away. This situation called for the foundation of an Islamic center here.

Thus for the benefit of religion and welfare of people a group of Muslims entered the scene and laid foundation of Islamic programs, invited Islamic scholars and leaders to preach the people. Therefore people came forward and preached  the people on topics of tawheed, acceptance of Quran, following of hadith and much more. They also invited the worshipers of idols to embrace Islam and made them realize the goodness of Islamic faith. They also promised them to give them in-depth knowledge of Islam through guidance and with the help of books.

For this purpose a library was built where books of tafseer (translation and meaning of Quran), hadith, fiq’h are kept. The center also founded the faculty for memorizing Quran; they also laid foundation of primary and secondary classes for children. This work made the people realize the importance of Islamic faith and made them send their children to acquire this faith.

Some of the important plans among all, are the building of masjids and  libraries. Another aim is to lay foundation of department of guidance and propagation of  Islam. Achieving all this is nearly out of our limit but we believe that with Allah’s blessing and your support it can be achieved.

Thus we ask for the support of the people. The Islamic center which is founded for the welfare of people, will require your help, as much as possible. And Allah never wastes the effort of good-deeds.

About Al-Huda Educational

About Al-Huda Educational

Education and guidance of people are those religious duties that have been carried out by certain groups of people in the Ummah, in every generation, and this practice is being continued even today. To perform such duties, one requires an in depth study of religion and it’s related subjects . And to achieve this objective, many religious schools and universities were set up everywhere, which produced such religious scholars who could perform their religious duties in an amicable way.

 These Islamic centers and schools are in fact like  Islamic forts where people are trained in such a way that they become great scholars and real propagators of Islam. They learn and master the Islamic laws (Shariah) and truly serve their religion.

 Al -Huda educational and welfare center is one of these famous institutions which is carrying out the task of propagation of Islam since last five years.

It has many departments which are continuously working towards achieving the goal of propagation of Islam. In addition to this,  Al-Huda Islamic center has now taken up the task of education and guidance of people where the students will not only study the Islamic subjects but will also be nurtured with good human qualities and social upbringing.

 Al-Huda Educational Center, like all other educational institutions, needs the help & support of its friends & well wishers  to achieve its goals & objectives. We pray to the Almighty Allah that He would bless all the people associated with this organization and accept all the sincere efforts of the administrators, teachers, students and sponsors, and reward them all in this world and hereafter.  (Aameen)