Markaz Al Huda

Remarks of some of the Islamic Scholars after observing the activities of the Centre:

1-Fazilat Ushaikh Mazhar Ahsan Al-Azhari, Chief Administrator Jamia Aalia

Maonath Bhanjan and Honorary President Markaz Al-Huda:
“I have been very pleased after seeing the enthusiasm of the members of Markaz Al-Huda towards the propagation of true Islamic faith and their efforts towards the education and training of Muslims.

Fazilat Dr.Mohammed Luqman Assalafi, President & Founder of Jamia Al-Imam Ibn Taimia Bihar, India.

Fazilat Dr.Mohammed Luqman Assalafi, President & Founder of Jamia Al-Imam Ibn Taimia Bihar, India.

2-Fazilat Dr. Mohammed Luqman Assalafi, President & Founder of Jamia Al- Imam Ibn Taimia Bihar, India.

While writing recommendation letters for the Markaz to some donors in order to get funds, Dr.Mohammed Luqman Assalafi said that Shaikh Mohammed Sadiq Bin Abdul Wakeel has founded an educational and welfare institution for Islamic Dawah, propagation and education of true Islamic faith.

3-Fazilat Ushaikh Abdullah Saud Bin Abdul Waheed , Chief Administrator Jamia Salfia, Banaras, India.

Allah Ta’alah has blessed a few of our brothers to establish an Islamic center in the city of Deoria in the Northern part of India by the name of “Markaz Al-Huda Al-Taalimi Wal Khairi” for which a permanent building is badly needed so that the centre would continue the task of education & dawah.

4-Fazilat Ushaikh Abdu Quddus Mohammed Nazir, President Markaz Tahfeezul Quran Wal Dawah Wal Taleem.

In view of the delicate cultural & religious situation of the city of Deoria, Shaikh Sadeque Bin Abdul Wakeel along with the help of some Islamic Scholars and intellectual people, has laid the foundations of “Markaz Al-Huda Al-Talimi Wal Khair to spread the true Islamic Dawah, religious and general education, and memorization of the holy Quran facilities to serve the muslim children, in and around the city of Deoria.

5-Fazilat Ushaikh Salahuddin Maqbool, President Jamiat Ahle Hadith India:

The city of Deoria in which “Markaz Al-Huda Al-Khairi” is emerging as a new center, is, an under developed area in the fields of economy, education & Islamic dawah. It is a few trustworthy people of this area who have laid the foundations of this center. I have seen the library of this center and have met with the people there who are very enthusiastic about the construction of building for this center and taking forward the educational works of the center.

6-Fazilat Ushaikh Abdurrehman Bin Obaidullah Al-Rehmani:

I have visited the “Markaz Al-Huda Al-Talimi Wal Khairi” along with with some learned people and was very pleased. I have seen the land purchased for the construction of the center’s building which in my opinion is not enough to carry out the diverse objectives of this center. It is worth mentioning here that all the activities of this center are being carried out in a rented house in which there is a
central library and class rooms etc.

7-Fazilat Ushaikh Abdulmannan Bin Abdulhannan Assalafi, Wakeel Jamia Sirajululoom Jhanda Nagar Nepal And Editor Mujallah Al-Siraj:

“Markaz Al-Huda Al-Talimi Wal Khairi” is a SALAFI center for Islamic Dawa & Education which has been constituted by some sincere people to spread the invitation of Quran & Sunnah. I visited the center before one week and was pleased to see the Islamic invitational , educational and welfare tasks undertaken by them.

8-Fazilat Ushaikh Dr.Faizurrehman Bin Safiurrehman Mubarakpuri, President Allama Safiurrehman Mubarakpuri Establishment for Education And Charity:

I am very pleased to visit Markaz Al-Huda Al-Talimi Wal Khairi, and to see the Invitational, Educational and Welfare works undertaken by them. This center has a magnificent library in which there are different books in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and English languages.

9-Fazilat Ushaikh Dr.Abdulaziz Bin Obaidullah Al-Rehmani, Ex-Professor Fatima Zahra Islamic University for women, Maonath, Bhanjan:

The founders of this center are trustworthy, reliable and active people. I request to all ardent followers of Islamic religion to participate whole heartedly in the construction & progress of this center.

10- Fazilat Ushaikh Mohammed Tahir Al-Madani, Administrator Jamia Al-Falah, Balrian Ganj, Azam Garh, UP:

Markaz Al-Huda Al-Talimi Wal Khairi is working towards Call and Guidance in the city of Deoria. I have visited this center and am well aware of its activities. I appeal to well off people to co-operate in the construction and progress of this center by all means.

11- Fazilat Ushaikh Mohammed Yunus Al-Madani, President Jamiat Ahle Hadith Banaras:

The objectives of Markaz Al-Huda Al-Talimi Wal Khairi include the construction of a mosque, a central library, setting up of school for education of Islamic Shariah, department of memorization of holy Quran for boys & girls, and the departments of Islamic call & guidance for propagation of Islam and setting up a Darul Iftaa (Islamic decree). I appeal to well off people to participate in the construction and progress of this center, whole heartedly.