About Us

Introduction of the Center:

This is an Islamic, Educational and a welfare organization based in Deoria City, Uttar Pradesh, India. Besides being a welfare centre it also provides Islamic Shariah education and is actively engaged in the propagation of true doctrine of Islam and the abolishment of all Shirk (Association of others with Allah Almighty) and Bidaat (New Inventions in Islam).


When Was the Center Established?

The city of Deoria was engulfed in ignorance and superstitions and there was a need to educate and guide its people against these evils. Therefore this centre was established in 1427 Hijri corresponding to the year 2006 AD, by a group of young people who wanted to serve the religion of Islam so that this centre could serve the religion with wisdom and Islamic insight.   



The Objectives Of This Center:

  1. To educate the Muslims with wisdom and insight about the righteous teachings of Islam, and to invite Non-Muslims towards the religion of Islam.
  2. Propagation of the teachings of Islam based on Quran & Sunnah.
  3. Provide opportunities to young Muslim boys and girls to memorize the Holy Quran.
  4. To Print Islamic books & pamphlets and their free distribution.
  5. Relief for the needy, poor and deprived persons in the region.
  6. To hold informative Islamic courses.
  7. Construction of Mosques and Islamic schools.
  8. Drilling of wells
  9. To provide assistance and relief to people who are affected by earthquake, flood, fire and natural calamities.


     Some of the tasks undertaken by the Center:  

  1. Call Muslims & Non-Muslims to the righteous teachings of Islam with wisdom & good advice.
  2. Propagation of the teachings of Islam based on Quran & Sunnah.
  3. Arrangement of memorization of Quran for boys & girls.
  4. Public Library existing at the Centre.
  5. Printing & free distribution of Islamic books & pamphlets.
  6. Helping the needy & poor people in and around Deoria city.
  7. Establishment of educational & Islamic Shariah courses.
  8. Sponsorship of Students and teachers.
  9. Al-Huda primary & intermediate collage.
  10. Sponsorship for imam, khateeb and doaat
  11. Iftar programme


      Future Planning:/     

Future projects:

  1. Purchase of land for construction of building for the centre.
  2. To build department for memorization of Quran.
  3. To build permanent building for the department of Arabic education.
  4. To construct college building where Government Syllabus in Urdu, Hindi, and English languages will be taught.
  5. Establishment of Dar ul-Qada and Dar ul-Ifta. (Islamic courts from where Islamic decrees can be issued.)
  6. To build of Orphanages hostel.
  7. To construct hostel & residence for teachers & students.
  8. To construct a central library building under the supervision of the Centre.
  9. To construct a general hospital in Deoria city.
  10. To construct a building for computer training courses.
  11. To open, run and continue Medical College and hospital to provide Medical Education in Allopathic/ Aayurvadic/ Homeopathic/ Unani Medicine and Surgery including Dental and other advance surgery..
  12. To open, run and continue I.T.I /Polytechnic /Engineering School /College to provide technical education of Civil, Architectural, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Chemical, Computer engineering courses.
  13. To open, run and continue coaching classes to make the students able to qualify all competitive examination to get honorable position in society.
  14. To open, run and continue Sports College to encourage the students for physical and mental empowerment.

Body Of the Centre:

Board of Directors:

          The Centre has its administrative council to oversee its work. It has 11 members including a Chairman, General Secretary and their deputies, the Treasurer and other members.